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Cosmic Awareness is the Force of Consciousness that spoke through Edgar Cayce, and who speaks again today through Will Berlinghof as Planet Earth and Humanity go through these critical transformative times.

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190103 CA Public Message January 2019:

A Wild Ride


That which is Cosmic Awareness is available. Please proceed.

Dede:  Today is the 2nd of January 2019.  Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness, and Dede is energiser and questioner. Do we have an opening message?

There is indeed an opening message that this Awareness would love to deliver at this time, an opening message for the public. That this is the beginning of the new year 2019 and that this Awareness will say immediately that this will be a very eventful year, a very challenging year to many. But also a year that will provide new awareness, new insight, new understanding, into the reality that is life upon this planet.

Not only life in a general way, but life in terms of social culture, social means by which many live their lives, the beliefs, the patterns, the political parties that they follow and trust. This is of course on a world-wide base that this Awareness is referring to here. But on a more national level, especially in America, that this will be a year of great upheaval, of great shatterings, shatterings of those beliefs that have been held by many for so long, especially of course the political beliefs.

That this Awareness would say that this year will be like a roller-coaster ride. That the last two years, 2017 and 2018, have been like the roller coaster ratcheting up the incline, advancing until it reaches the apex of the dive. And now you are diving down, plunging down into the depths. But it is a roller-coaster ride. The whole point of a ride such as a roller-coaster is to give great excitement and pleasure. But this is not how all would have it, and there are many who cannot handle the roller-coaster ride.

In terms of the events that this Awareness sees is happening this year, many of those events will shatter the beliefs and opinions held by some very rigidly. It must be this way, as it has been said, there has been two years of preparation, and now there is an acceleration as that diving motion takes place. Some would call this the quickening. But the point this Awareness would make here, is that this is a state of affairs that must now occur, because that which is hidden been hidden for so long is now in public sight.

This of course started in 2017 with the event that this Awareness has referred to as the Unzippering of America, when the solar eclipse passed over in America from west to east. At that time, an opening occurred that would allow that which was hidden to be exposed and to ooze out and become more and more obvious. This certainly has been taking place, especially over 2018. That is the equivalent of the motion of going up the incline of the roller-coaster until the apex is reached. And now, as said, the apex has been reached, the roller-coaster has gone over, the train has gone over the apex. In this plummet, in this quickening of times, there are two ways of responding; in absolute fear and terror, or with excitement and anticipation, because this is the part of the ride that is the most exciting.

It is also, as said, perhaps for many, the most frightening as well and that the advice this Awareness gives for this year 2019 is to relax and enjoy the ride. It is imperative that as events happen around you that you do not get sucked into the vortex. That you do not become overwhelmed by your emotions, by your thoughts, especially if you are prone to negative thoughts, negative understandings. It is important to realize that what is occurring is the death throes of the Deep State, and that this is that which will bring many things forward into full light.

It is preparation even, for that which is coming, that which will start not in 2019 but in 2020. This would mean that there is a year to go until 2020, but in this year of 2019 there most certainly will be much that is challenging, much that is overwhelming, much that is exciting and much that will challenge individuals. As the individual, having such a journey, this Awareness can only say, “Remember that you are the primary point of focus in your life.” It is the perception of events going on around you that often influence and affect how one interprets the events and thus how one lives those events.

If you are suckered in and overwhelmed by events, especially those that are lies and deceit, that you will find it most difficult to respond positively to the events that are happening around you. It is the exposure of the lies and deceit that is of primary importance in this year of 2019. For that which has been hidden for so long, but has been now exposed over the last two years, is of such a nature that the ground-set that many hold as their ground-set, their foundation of life and what life is about will be shattered, will be dislodged, will be obliterated for some. This would mean that many will feel that they have no grounding, no way of comprehending or understanding what is happening around them.

As this happens, the advice this Awareness would give is do not panic, do not go into that place of lost-ness, of being overwhelmed and lost in the events that are occurring. Step back, look to your own life, stabilize that life, stabilize your life. Hold and know that these are the events that need to occur because of what is coming and that those who have had power and control for so long are being replaced. They must be first brought down, they must be first exposed, they must be first shown to be who they are.

There are many who are involved, but this is a primary step to a new way of being, a new reality. That in an earthquake, it is when you are stuck, that damage can be done. If you can be somewhat loose and mobile, that you can ride out the shockwaves. It is when you are intransient in your beliefs and attitudes, and unwilling to change or look at things different that you will find you are the most challenged of all. If you understand this is the time of the quickening, this is the time of the acceleration of Spirit itself as it manifests upon this planet, you’ll find that you can go along with the shockwaves and even enjoy the ride.

This year of 2019 certainly will be a challenge for many. But for those who are prepared and ready this Awareness does say that the excitement that you are feeling now, is of a nature that indicates you are attuned to the factors of Spirit that are playing out now. You are attuned to the inner understanding and awareness that this is that which you have been waiting for, for some time now.

Many have been waiting literally decades for the events to occur that are now taking place. And for those who are the newbies, those who are new to this, they too, you too, may feel this set of events, these circumstances unfolding, very profoundly, even if you do not have a historical background behind it.

It is not a matter of how long you have been involved. One could say that Donald Trump for example, has been waiting many decades for this moment, has known for such a long time the nature of the game and who has been playing it and who has been advantaged. And that he is champion at this time for this cause of liberation and freeing of humanity and of America, has had to be very patient indeed over those many decades. And now it is occurring, and he is part of that change and he is part of that train, that roller-coaster train that is on this wild ride. And he is taking many with him on this ride but he will not choose it for them.

Each must choose it for themselves, each of you must choose for your self how you will respond and react to the political and social and economic events that are ready to occur in this year 2019. And that this will be global in nature. For many other nations will be deeply affected by the events that occur in America in this year, and it will launch many of those countries’ response.

Indeed this is already seen. Those who are known as the Yellow Vesters for example, in France and other nations who are also adopting the yellow vests, are the groundswell, the ground movement and the people themselves are now awakening and the people themselves are now rising up. But with the events in America, spectacular and challenging, overwhelming and perplexing, that the leadership does belong to America at this time.

That this year in particular will see the events that happen in America as the catalyst for change, not only in America but all other nations who are ready for such change. For humanity itself that is ready for change and for each and every individual who is ready for the change. It has been a long time coming but it is now here.

Enjoy the ride of 2019.

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181128 Cosmic Awareness Public Message: November 2018 Q&A


Cosmic Awareness speaks about the current energies and how they are playing out.

Click HERE to listen.

Dede: Today is 28 November 2018. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness and Dede is Energizer and Questioner. Any opening message from Awareness?


That there is that which would be called a public Opening Message. That this Awareness states that at this time that it is a period of intense activity, intense energy, and intense change, that is happening. But, ironically while much of the change is there on the media coverage, the television, the radio, and even the press, that much is still not seen, much is not known, as to what is truly happening. There is that which is the obvious face of the information that is being provided over your mass media services, but much of this is controlled and manipulated, especially for those who have had control and power for some time.


There are many names for this group, the elites, the deep state, the cabal. Whatever you choose to call this group, these energies that are out there, that are behind the control and manipulation of events and circumstances, especially over the mass media, that this Awareness says that their control and their power is being broken down, is being challenged. That many are seeing events in theircountries through those rose coloured filters or lenses, that theywill use when they view mass media, when they watch their 11 o’clock news in the evening. What this Awareness is saying here is be aware, that much that is being reported is false in nature and is designed to continue the control and manipulation of the public, the collective.

This is important at this very critical time, for much that is being reported is designed to create tension and to create an energy of mistrust and even opposition to one who is elected legally as your president, the President of the United States of America. Many do not like this individual Donald J Trump. Many feel he is a despot in the making, that he is a wild and ridiculous man. But most of this is based on that which is the perceptions gained by watching false media, by allowing the energetics to be manipulated and controlled by those with an ulterior motive.

As these are interesting times, as these are significant times, this Awareness asks one and all to realize that what is needed at this time is a neutrality. That one is to observe events and circumstances but not necessarily take action yet. For at this time, much is being played out that is behind the scenes, and that which is being reported upon is not accurate or necessarily even the truth of the matter.

That this Awareness would also ask all to understand in these interesting times, these deeply powerfully significant times, that this is energy that is being presented for the purpose of great change. There is a shift going on at this time, a shift in consciousness. And this is that which exceeds the bipolar effects of two parties standing in opposition of each other. For it is not as simple as the Democrats versus the Republicans or vice a versa. Even though it may seem that the Republican Party is out of touch, it is seen that it is through this Republican Party that there are more who are in alignment with the bigger picture and understand that the actions of Donald J Trump and his crew, this including Q and Qanon ones, that this is that which is part of the opposition to the elites, the cabal, the deep state.

Yet it is not obvious. And it is also so, that many think that nothing of significance is happening and this particularly on the side of those who know of the corruption and the nature of those who are deep state controlled. This is a time that this Awareness suggests that not only sacred neutrality is necessary but patience as well. That which is unfolding at this time is much more than a political struggle of two parties in opposition to each other. This is a turning point in the collective of humanity itself, and that there are forces and energies that exceed the political arms of government or its opposition.


That for those who are interested in the effects and results that this Awareness says, while it does not seem that much is happening much is indeed happening behind the scenes, and that to be patient now is important. But what will also be important, is when certain actions happen and these actions are seen as radical and overwhelming to many who were unaware of the actions that are needed, the actions that are underway. That when these actions, when certain charges are brought forward, when there is a declassification of certain documents, that this will mark a avalanche of information that will be released. The truth will be released, and many will find this too much.

Many will be challenged by that which is being released, that which is being exposed, and yet there are still right now many who are anxiously awaiting this. If one maintains a level of equality in this matter as an observer, coming from a place of sacred neutrality, those events that unfold will be the events that they see as moving things along. They will not be overwhelmed, but many will be overwhelmed. And the warning of this Awareness in these very turbulent times, these very important times, is that when

such information is released and actions start to happen, do not be misled by those who oppose, those who speak the loudest, scream the loudest, that this is all corruption on the part of Donald Trump and his people. Know within yourself that the truth will set you free and that even though there may be turbulence ahead, more so than even now, that this is necessary to bring down the corruption, to end the regimes that have been in power for so long. This is the turning point for humanity, and as such it is important to realize that that which happens, that which occurs, is all part of the bigger plan.

You are part of the bigger plan. And that this Awareness says to all be aware that that which is unfolding is exactly that which the Divine has anticipated and planned all along. The timing of the Divine is that which is not understandable sometimes but there
is a timing, there is a release that will happen in its own way in accordance to this Divine Source and its timing. Know that the next month in the year 2018 and the year of 2019 will still be very turbulent. But it is important to understand that the turbulence and the upheaval that is occurring is all part of a bigger picture that is setting humanity back on its proper course.

This will always be seen in the future as the turning point, these very times that you are living in right now. Understand this, and know this, and understand that it is simply details that are now being worked out for the big change that is underway to manifest itself fully and completely. When things seem to be falling apart all around you, do not go into that deception, do not hold it that this is the ending of all. Simply understand this is the shift, this is the alteration of what has been, so that which is the high energy of the Divine Source can once again enter into human consciousness and take away the power and control of certain dark force ones who have had this power and this control for far too long.

It is the natural order of things, and as you find your own balancein this release of the toxic energies that have so long controlledand manipulated, you will find yourself slipping into a place ofyour own adjustment, your own making. This is a place of great choice and that which is choice in alignment with spirit can only be achieved through observation, through maintenance of a balance of a neutrality, a sacred neutrality, that will allow you to ride these waves that are crashing down, to survive the avalanche that will tumble down upon humanity.

There are many events that are underway, not all political. But the political events have their own significance and it is much more than simply two parties fighting each other. There are also global events that will take place and are even now taking place such as the incident recently in Russia between Russia and the Ukraine in the straits around the Crimean. These are all manipulations.

Stay aware, stay alert, have trust, have faith, know that the truth will come out, indeed it is coming out more and more each day. This is the way forward for one and all to stay in this place of neutrality, balance, equilibrium, trust, and faith. And that as you achieve this in your own life you will see it spreading out in front of you, both on a personal level, and as well regionally, as well as nationally, as well as globally.

These are the times many have been waiting for, and simply because things have not happened already, do not underestimate what has already occurred and taken place behind the scenes and even publicly. It is a great time to be alive and to know that the future is indeed a bright one even if one still must walk through the shadow of death before one reaches the valley of life.

That this concludes the Opening Message from this Awareness at this time.


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180605 Cosmic Awareness: June 2018 Q&A

Heading Into A Storm

Audio:  HERE

Callista: Today is 5 June 2018. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness and Callista is energizer and questioner. Awareness, do you have a message for the public at this time please?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness does indeed have a message for the public. Several months ago, at the beginning of the year, this Awareness put a public message out, the title along the lines of the “message for the week ahead” or some version of this. That at that time this Awareness was speaking of the year ahead, (not only the week ahead), as being a time where the energies that had been released during the summer (especially with the solar eclipse) throughout the United States, as being an energy that was releasing, unzippering even, that which is the United States of America to allow certain energies to finally be released.

That in January it continued more or less with the theme that the energies were very intense and would be so for the rest of the year. Now, halfway through the year, this Awareness is pointing out yet again how the energies (which have been released for several months) that are exposing the underbelly of the beast, that has been in control for so long, have continued to build up.

Recently, a picture through the White House agencies has been released of the White House with storm clouds gathering and that this was simply put out without comment. But this Awareness would make comment. For this image takes that (which this Awareness has spoken of over the last several months) and indeed in the public message in January, as those energies that are building up and building up. That the picture showing the White House is seen to have these built-up clouds, these storm clouds, over it. The White House presented is also symbolic of America and that there are storms gathering in the skies above America.

That this Awareness would say BE PREPARED, for there have been events recently that have come to light that are a breach in the dam that has contained the knowledge, the information, the truth of what has been so in America for so long. The hidden corruption of ones in power, and what they have done with their power, and how they have used it to serve themselves and their agenda, their New World order, their globalist agenda.

That these ones in power are being exposed but they are not without the capacity to strike back. And it is seen that with the release of recent information, (especially information regarding a camp found in the Tucson area that seems to have been a holding place for children) and part of an underground network of tunnels throughout the South West but even throughout all of the United States. That this has simply not been recognized or understood previously but now this information has come out and it is causing a reaction amongst those whose secrets are starting to be revealed. 

The image of the White House under the storm clouds is suggesting that America is about to go into a violent storm of reaction and actions. That the ones who have their secrets being revealed are seen to be ones who are trying to squash things, to crush things, to bring things to a halt. (This tying into the ongoing situation in America where those who were opponents to Trump because they are being exposed, are getting desperate in their actions of opposition.) Their lies, their claims against Trump becoming more and more extreme. This is also part of the attack on the White House.

But what this Awareness is simply pointing out here is that the storm is unleashed. It is a storm that will have much bearing upon the truth of the land and for the people that is being revealed. A truth that many do not want to hear or acknowledge. Yet the storm is here.

And that this Awareness would suggest the best thing is not to be afraid of the storm, but to understand that this storm has the potential of cleansing and clearing that which is the corruption of America. It is that which was seen as the unzippering in August coming to a new level, a new accumulation of energies that are in motion now. Energies that will reveal many deep, ugly, dark secrets. Energies that will bring certain ones down, that will challenge the psyche of America and the soul of America. And that it is still part of that ongoing energy that this Awareness spoke to in January and in August 2017.

Be prepared. The storm is raging and it is time.

Callista: Thank you Awareness and are you complete?

C.A.: This Awareness is complete at this time.

Callista: Thank you.

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180415: Cosmic Awareness: April 2018 Teleconference

The Force Behind the Scene


Cosmic Awareness: That which is Cosmic Awareness is available and greets one and all. It greets you at this most monumental of times, this most pressing of times, this most historical of times. It asks you to remember that you have all chosen to be here now, to be part of these historical times, to be part of the energies that are percolating at this very moment.

Some of those energies are very strong and seemingly are very negative in nature. Others are of a more uplifting variety, and can indeed serve you and lift you to new realms of your own perception and your own experiences. Experiences that are based not on your singularity as the third dimensional being restricted and limited, but rather as a multidimensional being that has at the same moment other elements, other aspects of your own consciousness that are very active and that are playing a part in these times, both here on this planet, but beyond the realms of the physical, beyond the realms of this planet.

That as the events play themselves out, do not get stuck into the negative fear and anger and frustration, of actions that on the surface seem detrimental and indeed even evil in their content and in their expression. Do not worry so much that there has been a strike on Syria by three nations. But see rather that there are communications that are taking place behind the scenes, unknown by you because they are not reported on. There are conversations between America and Russia for example, and that while they play out their roles for the benefit of the mass media, the controlled media, it does not mean that there is not a game plan behind the actions that are taken and that are taking place.

Many felt that if a strike on Syria occurred it could be preliminary to an escalation of hostilities leading to another world war, the third World War. That while there are timelines that may contain such events, you are not involved in those timelines unless you are so caught up by them, so believing of them that you put your focus there and hence your energies.

But this Awareness assures you all, that as seen from the perspective of this Awareness, that none of you are actually as involved in that negative framework as you might think. It does not mean that you are not feeling the effects of a disruption in the force of consciousness that is the collective of humanity. Many of you are feeling it very personally and in that personal experience there is indeed the element of fear, of sadness, of sorrow, of grieving for actions that are less than enlightened.

But if you remember always that there are those behind the scenes. And this is not even saying those actors behind the scenes, but that it is a reference directly now to the force in consciousness that is Divine Source, that is Spirit, that is you and your expansion in consciousness to levels much beyond the levels of the personal experience. And that as you tie in to your own high level experience in consciousness, you will understand that the contexts of events that are occurring are in accordance to these bigger plans, to the big game that is being played out not only in the physical but also in the spiritual levels.

There is an adjustment that is coming about now, and for that adjustment to take place, actions do need to be taken that in a limited way are seemingly very detrimental to the human experience. But if you also remember that those who have had power for so long are now in a situation of complete desperation. And that they are even doing criminal actions in order to try to pull it back for themselves, but that they have already been defeated. And that the future is known to be a future where these ones no longer have power or control. And that humanity has come through these moments that seem to be so challenging and negative at this time.

Look beyond the moment, in that you are able to project your consciousness into the future, into your future, into the future of humanity. And hold that this is indeed that very time that you have chosen to be involved in, to be part of. And how it is, that as you are part of the greater collective in consciousness that goes well beyond even the collective of humanity, that it is the intent and purpose of that collective that you are part of, that Divine Source energies that all are part of, that are also very much at play here and behind the scene.

If you have the experience that you are exhausted, or that you are spinning, or that you are feeling grief and sadness, take the moment to simply release this, to let it go, to say to yourself that it is all right, that there are ones that are involved, that the Divine Source itself is involved. And that which is playing itself out, while distressing on some levels, is part of the bigger picture as well. And that the actions taken by those few will come back at them one way or another, or will open new portals, new doorways of understanding and awareness as those who are the corrupt ones are exposed more and more, and their lies and their deceit are exposed for all to see.

It is a struggle that this Awareness can say in the framework of the physical experience are monumental indeed, and yet they are very much contained within the fabric of the Divine orchestration of the energies. And that this comes from beyond the experience in the physical. As you identify not with the limited and restricted being that you may think yourself to be in the physical. And identify more with your expanded consciousness, and the understanding that you are an aspect of the Divine Source expressing itself at this time. And that you are part of the energies of the Divine Source in these times.

You may well understand that everything that is happening is but an illusion. And it is only when you energize it without this balance, without this neutrality, the sacred neutrality, that you are most affected. Look around and see how many are affected because they are not in their neutrality, in their balance, in their centeredness. Know that they are going through what is necessary for them to come to a new realization and understanding of things. Know that they are coming through a shift in consciousness that they do not understand.

And therefore, for many the journey may be a rough journey. But do not identify with their problems, their focus, with their intent, rather go beyond it. As this Awareness has just said, find the centeredness of your being and expand out from it. Call to those higher levels of your own consciousness, those parts of yourself that are multidimensional and lie beyond the framework of the reality of experience that you the focus personality is going through at this time.

Remember also that while many are afraid of death, that death itself is an illusion and not simply the snuffing of the experience of life, but rather the transition from one state of consciousness to another. That many are afraid of death because they think they will be eradicated, erased, removed from consciousness, when nothing could be further from the truth.

It is that time of expansion into the greater framework of your own reality of Spirit. And that this reality of Spirit supersedes the illusional state that you are experiencing at this moment. That if you understand death is nothing but that moment of transition, then perhaps you can lose the fear of death that so many have, that so many feel so abject about, so distraught about, so fearful of. And that as you move through the levels of consciousness in your own personal experience, calling in your higher states of consciousness, you will begin to understand, but even more importantly you will begin to feel the complexity of your own spiritual nature. And how it is important to have focus, but it is also important to go beyond focus.

As you deal with such matters you will also begin to understand that many experience in life a fear of life itself, a fear of the experience of life. For as they see it from that negative perspective where things are happening tothem, that they are afraid then of change. They are afraid to let it go, to look at things differently, to understand in the nature of the shift in consciousness, that this actually means that many things that were once known and held to be so are coming to an end, are coming to the death of the experience.

But as already mentioned, the death experience itself is but transition, whether it is the death of the body and transition back into spirit, or the death of the precepts and concepts that have held humans down, held them back. This including the nature of reality regarding nation-states, the political experiences that have been experienced over the decades and centuries, the limitation of the physical body, its capacity not to be able to heal itself for example. And that this is all part of the shifting in consciousness that is happening now.

Therefore, welcome life. Welcome the experience that you are having in the life you are involved in right now. Know that you are truly ascended beings who have come back into a reality form, a body, to have these experience and to be part of the changes that are happening, the transition that is occurring, the endings that are taking place. For this is as it is, and it is as you choose it to be.

That life itself is a wondrous experience if you hold it is so. That these are not necessarily evil times but rather exciting times, the times of endings and new beginnings, the time of transition from the old mindset of reality to something so new that it can hardly be imagined. Remember, as you have chosen to be here, you have also chosen then to remember how it is beyond the precepts and concepts that have hemmed humanity in for so long. You know it within yourself, you hold it within yourself.

Be joyous in that you are here as part of the solution, not simply part of the problem. And that as those who are here promoting the problem, the evil, the dark mindsets, are seen and comprehended, that you will take away from them their capacity to be in charge. This is already occurring. This is part of that which this Awareness calls the big plan, the big game. And that this is a game that has ramifications of the most positive nature, even though to get there you must go through the disruptions that you experience from time to time, great disruptions like that which was experienced on 13 April, great disruptions in the collective force of consciousness of humanity.

When you are going through these experiences, remember always that while you may be experiencing it on a personal level, it is within your right to simply sleep through it, to relax through it, to release from it and to let it all play out while holding, holding, holding that all will be fine. For that is that which is in accordance to the Divine purpose and nature of Divine Source itself.

And you are part of Divine Source. You are a spark of the Goddess and God, and that which is the highest level of Divine Spirit itself.

And it is so.

That this completes the opening message at this time.

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180331: Cosmic Awareness: March 2018 Q&A

 Death, Resurrection, and Common Sense


CallistaToday is the 31st of March 2018. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness. Callista Summerfield is Energizer and Questioner.

Awareness, do you have a public message at this time?

Cosmic Awareness: That indeed this Awareness does have a public message at this time, for these times.

That it is the long weekend, the festival of the Christian faith that is known as Easter. And while it is that many are not Christians, still there is an energetic involved in this religious weekend that has significance for all. This Awareness is not identifying the Easter weekend as that which is critical to all, suggesting that all should follow the Christian lead on this matter. It is simply saying that there are principles involved in that which is known as Easter, including Good Friday and Easter Sunday, that have importance in the human experience.

This is a universal that can apply to all faiths, not subscribing to any one faith as the true faith, but all contributing to that which is the human experience. And so it is that this Easter celebration of the Christian faith has significance universally for all humans.

This Awareness would take this discussion first to the day that is known as Good Friday, the day of the crucifixion of the one known as Jesus Christ. And to the Christian faith this is a powerful day, a sad day, but also a day that represents for them that which was the extinguishing of the life of the one that has become for many of the Christian faith the single most important person of the Trinity. This of course again being the one known as Jesus Christ.

That the death of Jesus Christ on the day known as Good Friday is the first day of the weekend towards the resurrection on the Sunday, Easter Sunday. First, in terms of Good Friday the theme if you will, is about death, the dying on the cross for the many who were to become Christians, or so this is taught.

But the truth, the universal truth here is that all things come to an end. All things come to that point of death where there is release. That many do not understand this. Many are frightened of the concept of death. Even the word death has a powerful negative connotation for many, but without the ending of what once was, no new beginning can happen, no re-birth will take place.

Looking at this concept, the concept of endings, the concept of death, Good Friday represents if you will, a very powerful concept, the universal concept that there must be endings so that new beginnings can occur, so that resurrection can take place.

In terms of world events at this time there is an energy, a strong energy of endings that is taking place. The death experience is very evident at this time not only in terms of the horrendous wars that are occurring and are taking place on the planet at this time which cause the physical death of many, but also the death of the concepts and beliefs that have been held by so many for so long.

In the United States of America at this time there is great turbulence as that which has been a way of living is coming to an end. It has not ended. It is a process that is still playing out but this Awareness would say that the country of the United States of America, and the Americans, are going through this very strong death experience with their politics, with their beliefs of the rights of the American citizen, the regaining of those rights.

What is coming to a death, what is unraveling is the control that has been exerted not only on the United States but globally as well. But in particular in America there is a movement to displace and replace the corrupted government’s leadership and authorities that have had power for so long. And many are frightened of this, many are resistant of this.

This Awareness would remind all once again that the death experience makes it possible to move on, to re-birth that which is no longer valid, to bring new life, new understanding, new beliefs, new freedom into the scope of things, into the scape, the landscape of that which has been a way of life for many for so long.

Moving this theme forward to the day of resurrection and rebirth, that it is believed by the Christian faith that Jesus the Lord was resurrected on the day that is now known as Easter Sunday, and this is the most powerful and strongest message of the Christian faith.

But it is again a universal truth that there will be always the resurrection from that which was the conclusion of one way of life, to be born into a new state of consciousness, a new reality. Therefore, symbolically Easter Sunday does represent the universal truth that there will be rebirth, there will be resurrection, not only in the way offered by that of the Christian faith or other faiths that hold similar concepts, but in the way of the universal truth that all will be reborn into the higher state of their own conscious being.

That there is the resurrection of a state, a state that is governed by principles that are coming to an end. And therefore the universal symbology of Easter, that there is resurrection after the ending of things, is appropriate in the viewing of the energies that are taking place at this time in America. These energies are quite troubled, these energies are very challenging. These energies are of a nature that there are those who believe and there are those who oppose.

It can be seen at this time that there is a group of ones who are now starting to question the authenticity and the appropriateness of ones who are corrupted, to be the leaders. There is the exposure of information against many who have had power and control for so long, and that this is a very challenging matter.

There is also a situation that is taking place at this very time amongst those very ones who are searching deeply into the history of events, into the validity of power and the power elites. That the movement, the freedom movement, the patriot movement if you will, is being divided in itself, amongst itself.

Those who are in power are at this time very much in their desperation, creating situations of conflict amongst the ones who would oppose those who have had power for so long. It is an age-old tactic, the tactic of divide and conquer.

For those in power are desperate to maintain their power, maintain their agenda. For there is a long agenda here that has been planned out not for dozens of years but for hundreds of years, that is in threat now of being exposed, of being eliminated. This too is the movement towards a rebirth, a new way of knowing, of understanding, of being.

But on a practical level part of the desperate response, as it has always been, is to divide and conquer that group that have come together in recent times, who have been asking deep and powerful questions at this time. This is a situation that could have detrimental effect if you allow it to have.

That this Awareness advises all who are indeed caught up in this internalized struggle, this divide and conquer, to understand this is a necessity at this time to define the borders and boundaries of a movement that has just begun. That common sense must be used to view the events, the circumstances of events, that are unfolding at this time. That this divide and conquer can be seen through if one holds common sense as that which guides one through this situation that is presenting itself at this time.

Also it is necessary not to become too attached to the outcome. By this, this Awareness means that if you hold to something as that which is of the greatest importance, then your life will reflect this, your personal lives will reflect this.

That as you become more neutral in observing the events that are coming, as you develop patience to see things through, and as you hold within yourself that which youwish for, that which is your preference, that the events will begin to alter to support your own personal belief system and way of being. This is an important concept especially during challenging times, for it is only too easy to forget common sense and to be swayed emotionally by the arguments presented by this side or that side, even within the patriot movement, even within one’s own nation.

That as you stay neutral, as you are the observer, as you do not attach to the outcome but hold with in yourself that which is desired by you as the way of things, the way you would see things unfold, you will find that this does become your own personal reality.

As you understand these concepts you step more into your own personal power and find within yourself the freedom that is guaranteed by the Constitution. And you will begin to recognize that this freedom is your birthright, is the Divine Right given to you as spiritual beings by that source that is Divine Source itself.

Therefore during the weekend and beyond, remember there is always the ending of things so that something new can be born. That it is a matter of choice as to what you would prefer to see in your life. If you believe those who are giving you information that is false, because you are not questioning, you are not delving deeper into the truth of things, then it may be that you need this experience.

But if you are willing to ask questions, to look deeply, to hold that neutral space, to be the observer in the center of your circle, you will be shown through the unfolding events, that which will improve your life, that which will bring to you the historical developments that have been underway for quite some time which are coming to a head at this time.

It is the way forward, it is a way of dealing with challenging times, that will indeed give you personal freedom and liberty, and bring to you a sense of your own being and your own power as a divine spark of Divine Source itself.

This completes this public message at this time.


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180211 Cosmic Awareness: February 2018 Teleconference

World Events and Personal Involvement


That which is Cosmic Awareness is now available and greets one and all. That you are living in extraordinary times, the times that you have waited for, the times that you have chosen to be part of, and that for some this is a more immediate involvement and for others it is less immediate.

Some are most definitely aware of the extraordinary events that are taking place in Washington in America, through Donald Trump, through his actions, his and his group’s action, to bring down and to expose the corrupted cabal that has been in power so long. But, there are many who have not heard any of this, who do not follow the news, whether on the evening news hour or through the papers, or even on the Internet. This Awareness quickly wishes to assure one and all, that however you are involved in that which is unfolding at this time is perfectly correct for each of you as individuals. You do not need to be heavily involved with the machinations that are taking place, with the unfolding of events, and this Awareness would certainly say to one, to all, not to be involved at that level if it were to affect you negatively. For such are the events at this time that they are totally absorbing and that they can have a negative effect for those who are so sensitive to the events. That hearing of these things, and hearing of the actions of the dark ones in their response, would be off-putting.

However, what this Awareness does say to one and all, is that while it is not necessary for each of you to be attuned and connected to the events that are unfolding; while it is not necessary for everyone to be part of the Twitter verse and to watch on the Internet, over the Internet, the unfolding of events, and not to listen to the news on the television, or the radio, or in the press. What is important is to understand that you are in extremely important times, extraordinarily so. These are the times that this Awareness spoke of in its Closing Message for 2017 and then in its Opening Message in 2018.

This is the time of the razor’s edge, and whether you are involved in the information that is coming out, in the exposure of the darkest ones or not, it is still that you are on the razor’s edge in terms of your own individual journey, in terms of that which you have chosen to be involved in on this planet at this time. For you all make the choice to come here, and now from that state of spirit, of Divine spirit and Source, to be part of an action that is to turn the course of history; is already doing so. That there are many who are observing these times, both extraterrestrial ones who are out there, but as well, spiritual interdimensional beings. For the events that are unfolding now will bring new timelines forward that many who come from the future have observed and see to be so, and know where these shifts came from. And have come back (in a linear sense of time of course) to this time, this moment, this epochial moment, where the shift began in full measure, and in full earnest.

As Spirit beings who have chosen to be alive at this time, whether you are following the events or not, the purpose of your being here is to reinforce the energies of shift and change that are now very strong on the planet and are getting stronger each and every day. It is not about necessarily being active in a movement that goes up against those who have had power for so long. It is all about holding the space, holding your own space, your own personal focus-personality, and what it is experiencing.

This Awareness has spoken and taught for many years now on the importance of recognizing that you are a creator being, that you are spiritual in nature. That you are affected by outside events when you choose not to understand the significance of your own personal power, of your own personal centered-ness. And when you go out into the events that are on the outside of your personal circle it is easy to get absorbed, it is easy to get swept away, by those events and circumstances.

Now however, is the time to recognize this in yourself, and in your own personal life, it is why this Awareness continually asks that you do not get too taken in to those events unless you have the capacity to stay in sacred neutrality, at the same time, to observe what is going on. To perhaps even get excited by those events, but not to be lost in those events, not to make your life dependent on what happens ‘out there’. For then you have lost the point of it all, you have forgotten that it is you in the experiencing of life, that defines the experience of life that you are having.

When you put yourself into another’s reality mindset or another’s reality, then you forget your own nature as a Divine Source being, as a Spiritual being. And, that you forget that you are the one that is shaping the circumstance of your life by giving it over to others. While it is an intricate web that is there, it is also important to recognize how to stay on your own strand of the web and not get stuck or caught up in others’ strands, others’ perceptions of reality. By holding to your own strand, being in the centre of your own web, then you will find that which you know is true for you, will be that which you manifest in your life.

What is of extreme importance at this time is to know that events are shifting, consciousness is shifting, things are happening. Even though on another level it may still appear to those who are not keeping themselves informed and are only relying on the mass media and the reporting of news through the mass media, it might well appear that nothing at all is happening or it is a continuance of the absurdity of Trump and his government. For many still have strong feelings of this man and they have bought in hook, line, and sinker, to the propaganda that is being released about him. But he has played along, he has played that card as well for his own purposes.

However, this aside, this Awareness is saying to stay neutral here, to just see that things are happening, is of extreme importance. To energize and to hold that there is a shift happening is what this Awareness would ask you all to stay focused upon at this most critical of times, in this most historical of times. This is why you have come back into this time-space continuum to be part of these events, whether directly or indirectly. Mostly it is part and parcel of being here now, to be one who holds that the shift is happening, that consciousness is moving, that humanity is beginning its first steps of the freedom march to its own liberation and its own redemption.

But these are very tricky times these first steps (such as it is so with the steps of the toddler, the infant who has raised itself up), may be weak steps, may be uncertain steps. But as that infant grows stronger and more balanced, its footsteps, its strides become stronger and stronger, and so it is seen by this Awareness that it is so with humanity. It is taking fledgling steps now, and while these steps may be uncertain and lack perhaps strength, they will get stronger and stronger. And it is why many of you are here to provide the support as a mother or father would be there beside the child, holding the hand, letting the small hand hold a finger of the mother, for example, as the child feels its way forward.

Humanity is feeling its way forward, the first tentative steps are being taken, and many of you here, now, are that parental type figure that is holding the hand, or letting the small hand hold the finger and guiding. It is not through your actions that this is done, it is through your intent, it is through your focus, it is through your desire that this is that shift point, that changing point of human consciousness. And that you will hold the space and hold it to be so, and that the light is coming into that profound darkness that has been available for so long, that has been prevalent for so long. And the light is the Light of this Source of Cosmic Awareness. It is the light of Divine Source and Spirit, it is your light and spirit. And as long as you hold that it is so that the light of Divine Source is come in, the love of Divine Source is available, then it will be so.

This Awareness would also say go beyond holding, that it is becoming available to the point that it is so. It is not about to be so, it is so now, and as you hold it to be so now then you have created an atmosphere for it to be so now. That many of you are aware of the Law of Gratitude and how important it is to have gratitude, not for that which will come to you, but that which is yours already. And as you hold this gratitude, as you get the thanks for what is, then you will find this is exactly the energy that allows further manifestations of those energies.

That it is exponential in nature and it will explode all around you as you hold it to be so in your personal life. That you hold in your personal life that it is the expression of the Divine Source, you are an expression of the Divine Source as you are spirit having this experience, as you are the spark of divinity involved in this physical manifestation of this dream that is so. And this dream is shifting, the dream is working its way into a new dream, a new reality, a new beginning. That is why also it is so important to work on yourself at this time, to allow the depth of your true core being to come out; to find your communication with the low self, to find the connection with your low self.

Also to find and hear the connection and the voice of your high self to establish yourself truly as a multidimensional being, not simply as a limited victim to events and circumstances that no one has control of, one does not have control of. You have control of your personal life, you have control of the choices that you make for yourself, of the attitudes you hold for yourself.

Again, as you stay in the centred-ness of your being, in connection to that which is your high self and that which is your low self, you will find that you, yourself, the identity of who you think you are, will shift and change. You will find that instead of having to force things to happen, events and circumstances come to you,as it should be. This is an important and indeed historical time, but if you understand this in the most personal way, you will find that it is the moment of your awakening into the truth and the reality of a higher source than has been so up until now.

This, in the paradox, does not mean that it is not there and has not been there. It is simply that each of you are now awakening to a new level of perception and understanding in a personal way, in your own unique individual way. That these are the most amazing of times even if this is the razor’s edge. And as you walk the razor’s edge, and as you see how incredibly important these times are, you will begin to feel more comfortable in these energies. You will begin to understand it is not a threat, walking the razor’s edge, but rather the greatest opportunity of all, to find your way through the quagmire of opposing energies, beliefs and attitudes. To break free of the programming that each of you have received on this planet, and to find the inner source that will always support you and hold you up as you walk along the razor’s edge.

Know that one is most alive when one is on the edge and instead of dreading this, embrace it, understand that you are more alive in this moment than you have ever been, even with the historic events that are taking place all around you. Let these events occur and hold that you are safe, that you are supported, that you are here for the purposes supporting the shift and change, that you are here because you have chosen to be here.

And it is so.

That this completes the Opening Message from this Awareness at this time.


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180128 Cosmic Awareness : January 2018 Q&A 

Heads-up for coming week


Callista: Today is 28 January 2018. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness and Callista is energizer and questioner.

Do you have a message for us today please, Awareness?

That which is the Collective Voice, the Collective Consciousness of that which is Cosmic Awareness is indeed available at this time and does indeed have an important message.

That this message has to do with the events that are ready to take place now.  Events that have been long in building up to a point, a needle-point, a laser point in consciousness that will have great power, intent and force that will change the course of human history and specifically shatter the veils of illusion and delusion that have been in place for some time.

That this has much to do with events in the United States of America, events that have been building up over the last months and years, hidden behind a veil of secrecy. Hidden from the view of those who have had power for so long. Those who have had corruption and deceit and ill intent towards the people of America for so long.

While this is an event that will have great significance in America it will shake the very foundation of humanity itself, worldwide. It will be indeed the shot heard around the world and a precursor to other events that are ready equally to begin to unfold and to be revealed in the weeks, months, years ahead.

It is a point of epic proportion and the point of no return. For when the events that are ready to take place occur, there will be no going back to what once was. But rather, a movement forward into those unknown realms of the future. An old dream, indeed an old nightmare, is ready to come to an end. And a new dream a new vision a new human experience is beginning to dawn.

In the paradoxical nature of human events, the events that are ready to occur have been a long time coming. And yet here it is on your doorstep. Here it is, ready to burst the illusions and delusions of those who have been asleep for so long. Those who have been manipulated and controlled for so long. Those who are totally unaware of the truth of the reality that lies beyond their conception.

For their conception and perceptions have been controlled and manipulated for so long that they do not know any other truth; and that truth which has been accepted for so long is the very truth that is ready to be rent asunder. To be destroyed by events of great magnitude (that are needed and necessary at this time) to finally begin the process of ending the control and manipulation that have been practiced upon humanity for some time. For not decades, for not hundreds of years, but for thousands of years now humanity has been imprisoned. Humanity has been led down a lane towards its own destruction, its own disappearance.

This Awareness has spoken of the razor edge of events and energies that are underway. That It spoke of the energies coming through from 2017 into 2018 and that these energies would continue. And they have built to a point now where it is not only a needle’s, rather a razor’s edge, but a needle, a sharp point that will burst that which has been the prison walls that have surrounded humanity for so long, but specifically that have imprisoned those in the great state of the United States of America, into an American dream that has no longer served and does no longer serve. That has actually led the many into that level of enslavement that humanity, that America, finds itself in now.

Several months’ earlier this Awareness spoke of the unzippering of America; that event that “opened up” America so that which lay putrid within and under the surface could finally be released. And this is the process that is underway. And there are those who are involved, who are deeply involved, who have been involved for some time now who are the head actors/players/participants in the unfolding events. Events that will shatter the illusions and delusions of America. Events of such great magnitude that many will not be able to comprehend or understand what is happening.

And many may find their worlds falling apart as their country falls apart. But this is not truly and an energy of destruction. It is an energy of transformation – a transforming from that which has been, to that which will be. That many of you are here specifically at this time to be part of this great time, this epic event. And to be part of the dream that is now beginning. But for the new dream to begin the old dream had to come to an end. And IS now coming to an end.

Be prepared for the upheaval that the next week will bring: events of such great magnitude that many will not understand, but many will. And for those who understand know this is but a beginning, and an ending as well. Know that this is your choice to be part of it. Know that this IS the very act of empowerment that you have been waiting for, that you have been dreaming of for so long.

And these events are those events that are ready to unfold now.

Hold on for the ride.

Hold on for the future.

And remember, it is the future you have dreamt.

It is the future you have wished for.

It is the future you are here to participate in.

And it is so.