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Cosmic Awareness is the Force of Consciousness that spoke through Edgar Cayce, and who speaks again today through Will Berlinghof as Planet Earth and Humanity go through these critical transformative times.

You are encouraged to share these messages, but ONLY if you link the message back to this website.  Any message attributed to Cosmic Awareness or Will Berlinghof that cannot be linked to this website is not authentic.  Apart from private personal use, unauthorised TRANSCRIPTS of Cosmic Awareness’ or Will Berlinghof’s messages are not supported by this website and must not be used for public distribution. (Scroll to bottom of page for Copyright information).



Cosmic Awareness: “Be the Creator of Your Own World” (21 Sept 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “Upliftment” (15 May 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “Time For Reflection” (6 May 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “Apocalypse NOW!” (23 Apr 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “Facing The Truth” (10 Apr 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “The Stolen Children” (3 Apr 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “America is the Tip of the Spear” (1 Apr 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “Meditation For Challenging Times” (27 Mar 2020)
Because of its relevance to the present, this Members’ Only meditation from 2017 has been made available to the public. Enjoy!

Cosmic Awareness: “Ten Days of Darkness” (26 Mar 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “Surviving The Storm” (15 Mar 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “The Choice Is Yours” (2 Mar 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “Under the Microscope” (11 Feb 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “We Are Now On A Positive Timestream” (26 Jan 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “Be The Discerning Warrior” (13 Jan. 2020)

Cosmic Awareness: “Do No Harm” (6 Jan. 2020)
A timely excerpt from a Rainbow Phoenix members’ session recorded in 2018.

Cosmic Awareness: New Year Message 2020

Cosmic Awareness: Christmas Message 2019

Cosmic Awareness: “Flexible Persistence” (17 Dec. 2019)

Cosmic Awareness: “The Unravelling Begins” (8 December 2019)

Cosmic Awareness: “A Great Opportunity” (5 December 2019)

Cosmic Awareness: “Be Prepared” (3 December 2019)

Cosmic Awareness: “Political Earthquakes Bring Change” (28 Nov. 2019)

Cosmic Awareness: Remain Calm Amidst The Storm (12 Nov. 2019)

Cosmic Awareness: Meditation For Challenging Times

Cosmic Awareness Message: “Planetary Pollution Solution” (31 October 2019). This question was answered during the 31 Oct Q&A session for Rainbow Phoenix members. Made available for public information.

Cosmic Awareness Message: “You Are In A Time Of Madness” (20 October 2019)

Cosmic Awareness Message: “You Are Turning The Corner” (13 October 2019)

Cosmic Awareness Message: “Your Awaited Uplifting Experience” (3 October 2019)

Cosmic Awareness Public Message: Navigating Stormy Waters (3 October 2019)

Cosmic Awareness: E.T. Interference With Transhumanism (19 September 2019)

Cosmic Awareness: Timelines to Ascension (19 September 2019)

Cosmic Awareness Public Message: “Honoring Choices” (11/11/2018 after a Meditation Session). Very relevant for today!

Cosmic Awareness Public Message: “The Powers of the Air” (5 September 2019)

Cosmic Awareness  Public Message: “Trials, Tribulations and Security From Within” (2 September 2019)

Cosmic Awareness Public Message: “Give Yourself A Break” (25 July 2019)

Cosmic Awareness Public Message “Sign of the Times” (11 July 2019)

Easter Message April 2019:

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