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Cosmic Awareness answers Rainbow Phoenix members’ questions every month and they are posted in the Members’ Lounge to share with all members.

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Here are samples:

Topics for the month of February 2020 include:

Looking Glass tech., Q and Trump?
What is the nature of Leylines?
Kobe Bryant death Numerology?

Topics for the month of January 2020 include:

What is the Event?
Hyperborea and Hollow Earth?
Is the Book of Genesis true?
Were Archons created on purpose?
Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein?
Is Deep State moving to China?
What is the future Financial System?

Topics for the month of December 2019 include:

Australian Bushfires Deliberate?
London Stabbings False Flag?
What is Reality?
Information on Russell Gould?

Topics for the month of November 2019 include:

Is Adam Schiff a Deep State Liar?
Dr Thompson and Calcium Lie?
Magma Movement in California?
Edgar Cayce and Blueberries?
What is the Golden Age?
Hong Kong and Moscow Riots?

Topics for the month of October 2019 include:

Fires and Weather Manipulation?
Planetary Transformation?
Execution of Obama?
H Clinton to run?
Princess Diana death hoax?
How Much More Can We Be Stretched?
Can Trump View The Future?
Trump’s Ukraine Phone Call?
Losing Identity in 5D?
Is Julian Assange in the UK?

Topics for the months of June to September 2019 include:

Is Earth Flat?
Jeffrey Epstein Death?
Demonstrations in France?
What Is Trump’sLineage?
Why the Rush to the Moon?
Were the Beatles Created by the Jesuits?
Carl Jung and Synchronicity?
Manhattan Power Outage?
Kennedy Suicide?
Reincarnation of Princess Diana?
China Lake and Chemtrails?
Clones and Body Doubles?
Trump Family Ties to Israel?

Topics for the month of May 2019 include:

David Wilcock’s Ascension Mystery School?
Is Knowledge conveyed by Sunlight?
Eggs as a Food Source?
U.S. v Russia in Venezuela?
Is Black Hole picture genuine?

Topics for the month of April 2019 include:

Space fence – who put it there?
Changes in Nibiru?
Reparations for Slavery?
Egypt air crash due to Boeing parts?
Is C60 safe?
Notre Dame Fire?
5G Network concerns?

Topics for the month of March 2019 include:

Hilary Clinton, Clones, Kuru?
Pluto’s influences on finances?
State of U.S. in ten years?
Justin Trudeau’s father?
Parasite in the Energy Field?
Is Bernie Sanders a Deep Stater?
Is Leo Wanta genuine?

Topics for the month of February 2019 include:

BREXIT and E.U. disintegration?
Queen Elizabeth to be evacuated?
Paradise CA fires and aliens?
Yellow Vests
Gold under the Twin Towers on 9-11?
Has George Soros been arrested?
Is Billie Eilish a Satanist?
Military Operation in Los Angeles?
Update on Nibiru?
Nibiru and Population Control (Alternative 3)?
Are we clearly seeing Planets A, AB and B?

Topics for the month of January 2019  include:

Transformer Explosions natural or EMP?
McCain, Bush executed?
Golden Globes, vaccinations?
Will Trump overthrow Socialism?
Will crypto-currencies free humanity from the Federal Reserve?
Is Vipasana meditation effective? (also mentions drugs, TRT)
Is SCOTUS Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg still alive?

Topics for the month of December include:

The Wave around the World, nothing happening
The Bible, Christianity, the Law and Christmas?
Nibiru, Nostradamus, Deep State Agenda?
Near Death Experiences, judgement, accountability?

Topics for the month of November include:

Achievement of racial equality?
Function of the Energy Body?
Water-powered generator?
Dalai Lama and child molestation?

Topics for month of October include:

C.A. Opening Message: “Politics and the Great Spiritual Awakening”
Timelines and the concept of Time, A.I., Anunnaki?
Returning in Time to Right a Terrible Wrong?
Was Hurricane Michael engineered?
Past unsuccessful attempts to throw off Cabal?
Meeting Myself in dreams?
Tui Yong Yuan’s information exposing certain Chinese?
Is E.T. Disclosure imminent?
Judge Kavanaugh/Christine Ford debacle?
C.A. Meditation: “The Trinity of Your Being”
C.A. Closing Message: “There Is Order in the Chaos”

Topics for month of September include:

C.A. Opening Message: “Be Prepared!”
Is the A.I. machinery shut down?

Fiona Barnett, Pedogate/Watergate?
HUMANUS – Pooling money to help humanity?

Red Cross, W.H.O., U.N., Doctors Without Borders?
Corona satellites, Snow White computers taken down (+Space Force, Q, Trump)?
Is Elon Musk an alien Being, Tesla kid?
Cosmic Awareness Meditation: “A Journey Through Dimensions”
C.A. Closing Message: “Hold Your Own Reality

Topics for month of August include:

Bill Maher, QAnon and exposure of the elite?
How to protect against negative spirits?
Pollution, Technology and positive attitudes?
Casa Grande and cliff dwellers?
Rock homes in Turkey?
Dissipating unwanted environmental conditions?

Topics for month of July include:

Marina Abromovich and ‘spirit cooking’?
Trump and Immigration?
Protection in Group Meditation?
Is Blue Star the Pleiadian authentic?
Global garbage problem and how to fix it?
Gabrielle Giffords assassination attempt?
More on Seth Rich?
Celebrity Deaths (Michael Hutchence, Jill Dando, Rik Mayall)

Celebrity Death ( (Ines Zorreguieta)
Validity of suicide investigations?
Rescue of boys in Thailand?
Brexit unravelling?

From the July Teleconference:
What causes people to be blinded and polarised?
Can A.I. influence our own intuition?
Hemingway and the Occult?
Tucson, Sedona and Child Trafficking?
What is Peter Thiel’s Agenda?
Is Trump darker than Obama?

Topics for the month of June include:

How does U.S. benefit from withdrawing from Iran Treaty?
Trump, Natanyahu and the Jerusalem Embassy?
Chances of Iran attacking Israel?
Child Trafficking in Arizona?
Yahweh and YHWH one and the same?
How to frequency measure individuals?
Is Kilauea volcano eruption natural?
How do we manifest in the higher frequencies?
Body symptoms due to higher frequencies?
When does ‘Ascension’ happen?

From the June Teleconference:
Please explain the Void?
Of-world invasion info
Celebrity suicides?
Is C60 safe to use?
Will Google, Fb be used for the good?

Topics for the month of May  include:

Why is the U.S. still in Afghanistan?
Comments on the Syria Situation?
Teresa May, Syria and Putin?
E.T. Bases in Syria?
Booms heard all over U.S.?
Earthquakes in Papua New Guinea?

From the May Teleconference:

How do the Draco affect us now?
Manna World Holding Trust – is it legitimate?
What happens to the Low Self at the point of physical release?
QAnon, Corsi, McGovern?
HR5404 – to define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold?
Situation re Julian Assange?
Clif High’s prediction for the price of silver?

Topics from the April Teleconference:

What is happening with the Timelines?
5G energies experience?
Flow of drugs and funding; and What went on at the Chinese building?
Is Mad Honey (pieris japonica) toxic?
What de-calcifies the pineal gland?
Putin and Trump working together?
Is the Manna Trust authentic?

Topics for the month of March:

Omnibus Bill – what does it mean?
Is Michelle Obama a man?
Overcoming old programming?
Why is this Palestinian child in the media?
Energy Wave in March?
Wingmakers and James Mahu?
Cold Fusion as an energy source?
Argentinian submarine lost?
Cintamani Stones? 
How reliable is Q and the Q posts?
Elon Musk and SpaceX?
Flat Earth Theory?