Bill and Will Chat No.47: SITUATIONAL AWARENESS Part 1

Bill and Will introduce Rainbow Phoenix member Phil, who shares information from his Military Source. You won't want to miss this one! (Interference on the audio was beyond our control) Alex Collier interview with Goldfish Report Bill Utterback's website: Will Berlinghof's website:

Cosmic Awareness: “Planetary pollution Solution” ~ 31 Oct 2019

Cosmic Awareness: "Planetary Pollution Solution" ~ 31 Oct 2019 This question was answered during the 31 Oct Q&A session for Rainbow Phoenix members. Made available for public information. For Readings with Cosmic Awareness, Past Life Regression, Counselling and more information about Cosmic Awareness and Will Berlinghof, go to To become a member of Rainbow … Continue reading Cosmic Awareness: “Planetary pollution Solution” ~ 31 Oct 2019

Bill and Will Chat No.46 ~ 2 Nov. 2019

Bill and Will catch up after Bill's recent illness, and they had lots to talk about: Bill explains the Impeachment Process; Will explains the Star Chamber; False whistleblowers; Pelosi and Schiff trip to Middle East; Death of Baghdadi; People are waking up; Do your own research; and much more... Bill Utterback's website: