Bill and Will Chat No. 22 ~ 10 November 2018

Bill and Will had another interesting and absorbing chat today.  Here are some of the topics discussed: Mid term election result Sessions resignation Immigrant caravan Election fraud Matt Whitaker America’s death and resurrection? Remembrance Day Off-planet events Jim Acosta The nature of tarmac… and much more Click HERE  Bill's website:

Bill and Will Chat No.18 ~ 29 September 2018

Bill and Will chat again after an hiatus while Bill recovers from an illness. Topics covered: Kavanaugh/Ford scenario; Trump initiated request for FBI investigation; Questions about GoFundMe; Military Tribunals; Trust the Plan; Shift of Consciousness World Wide; Trump's U.N. speech; Voting; QAnon; Edgar Cayce and Cosmic Awareness; Reptilians and adrenochrome; Globalist plans; Nibiru and Brown … Continue reading Bill and Will Chat No.18 ~ 29 September 2018