“Every time we experience the truth and live that truth, then we gain freedom.” ~Will Berlinghof

In addition to  providing a vehicle for Cosmic Awareness, Rainbow Phoenix also offers a platform for the work of Will Berlinghof.

Will offers to facilitate your personal growth and development process through the messages of Cosmic Awareness and also his own Trinary Regression Therapy. He has a B.A. Degree in Psychology with practical training in Addiction Counselling as well as Group Therapy and individual counselling.


He has developed a therapeutic approach to doing deep-level counseling that involves working with the subconscious as well as connecting with the High Self spiritual aspect of one’s Being.  He calls this method Trinary Regression Therapy, which also involves the understanding and knowledge of other lives and their impact on the individual’s present life.  Will has had great success using Trinary Regression Therapy as a way to understand and address deep-seated issues including Satanic Ritual Abuse, Relationship Issues, Abundance and Worthiness Issues and Alien Abductions.

Will has a natural gift to lead his clients on a deep inner journey of self-discovery and self-healing.  His approach is innovative, cutting-edge and powerful in its impact, while at the same time is compassionate and sensitive.  Using his wealth of experience in deep spiritual matters, Will is able to journey with his clients into the inner realms and thus is able to assist them on their personal inner quests.

Because of his keen interest in metaphysics, Will has also developed his intuitive and psychic abilities.  As a result, he became a professional Tarot Reader, working at international levels.  This developed into the capacity to channel the high force of consciousness known as Cosmic Awareness, a role he has served exclusively since 2005.


Cosmic Awareness is the Force of Consciousness that spoke through Edgar Cayce, and which speaks again today through Will Berlinghof as Planet Earth and Humanity go through these critical transformative times.CA Sigil x3 W335 x H252

Will has gained insight, awareness, wisdom and knowledge of current events and how hidden agendas are at work to affect Humanity.  He is able to synergise disparate information to bring forth new awareness of how things are linked, to have a clear discernment of what is really happening with world events.  Thus he is well-suited to the role of commentator, addressing and discussing world issues, and bringing an understanding of the circumstances of these times, how it all comes together and what it means for Humanity.  He is able to project a broader and deeper perspective of what is truly going down.

Due to his continued dedication and his own journey of self-discovery, Will is well-equipped to stand as one who can help make sense of this paradigm and how to best navigate the issues facing Humanity.  His diligence has earned him international repute and clients from around the world and he presents himself for further service as Humanity and Gaia move through this exciting and challenging transformation.

Mission of Rainbow Phoenix.

Since December 21, 2012 the energies of Cosmic Awareness have expanded greatly and the messages are much deeper and more profound than ever before. The mission of Rainbow Phoenix is to accommodate these higher energies and messages and make them available to as many truth seekers as possible on this planet.

This is a unique and challenging time with many seeking a higher standard of personal truth.

It is our intent and mission at Rainbow Phoenix to be a point in consciousness which will allow thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions be exchanged amongst a collective of those who are seeking to step into their greater potential and the new reality that is now forming.

Take a look around our website and see if the information appeals to you.  If you would like to join us on this journey, please consider joining our membership.

Callista Summerfield.

Callista is an Intuitive Listener, Energy Interpreter and Experiencer.  She is a qualified Metaphysical Counsellor and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona.   Thanks to the diversity of her own life, she has developed a counselling approach which is empathic with people from many backgrounds and experiences.

IMG_0478 copyCallista is widely travelled and her interests include the study of metaphysics, shamanic journeys, dream interpretation, philosophical discussions, classical music, painting and creative writing.  Callista’s channelings have been published in Universal Mind and Conscious Living magazines.  She is a recognised Planetary Grandmother and promotes the understanding of our connection with Mother Earth and the local Universe.

Callista administers and maintains this site.