Will Berlinghof

 ~B.A. (Psych.)~

Gifted Visionary
Multidimensional Counsellor
Voice of Cosmic Awareness
Navigating the Ascension Process!

A Message from Will:

Welcome to Rainbow Phoenix!

With the shifts in the energies in 2012, my wife Callista and I felt that there was a need to make the energies of Cosmic Awareness more accessible and immediate to those who are drawn to the energies of Cosmic Awareness. -txt-for-small-size
Hence when certain factors fell into place, we decided to expand our Rainbow Phoenix website so it would be more interactive with an audience of seekers who wished to have a more immediate experience of Cosmic Awareness. 

It is our hope that by providing this more immediate experience, individuals will discover their own inner being in a much more pertinent and relevant way.  We are also interested in creating a community of kindred souls who are here at this time to play their parts in the evolution of mother earth and humanity.  We feel our organization, through our website, will help to create this global community.  

I offer frequent and time-sensitive readings for our website which will give, we hope, the individuals visiting our site a more “real-time” experience of the Divine Consciousness which is Cosmic Awareness.  

Here is a short 6 minute video where I explain my work:

Take a look around our website and if you have any queries, please contact me using the form below:

In light and service, Will.


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